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Crete - The Minoan Trail

7 Days, 12 Islands, one unforgettable experience...swim the Ionian way.

“It was a perfect week that we shall cherish for as long as we live.” O. Friedland, Israel. 2013"

The Big Blue is a Greek specialist swimming adventure holiday taking you around the beautiful islands of the Ionian Sea, west of the Greek mainland. Based in the picturesque green island of Lefkada, The Big Blue offers fully escorted open water swimming reaching as far as the legendary islands of Ithaca and Kefallonia. Positioned in a haven of 12 islands each of our sea swims combine unique scenery, untouched beaches, uninhabited islands, amazing coastlines, secret caves, clear turquoise water and the Greek 'Delphinus Delphis' dolphin, making the island-to-island crossings and coastal routes an unforgettable experience. We have extensive local knowledge of the area and the 7-day programme of diverse scenic swims combined with local culture, food, accommodation and relaxation, offer an experience we believe is unrivalled in the Greek isles. Whether you are an experienced or a more relaxed "sight-seeing" swimmer, what we have to offer is indulging, challenging and memorable.

The trip which costs £760 includes:

  • Accommodation with swimming pool, bar and secluded gardens for 7 nights with breakfast in the Bay of Yeni, Lefkada.
  • Filmed underwater swim analysis with feedback from qualified coach.
  • Fully escorted swims with 3 qualified National Beach Lifeguard swim guides, one per speed group.
  • The island hopping adventure involves the use of our spacious traditional Greek sailing boat with onboard facilities where swimmers can relax in between swims.
  • Further 2 motorised support boats.

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