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Chris Malpass

Chris is a real swimmers swimmer - he lives and breathes the sport and is actively involved at every level - as coach, race organiser and competitor.

As a youngster Chris competed at an international level for both Great Britain and for England, and as a Masters swimmer he has consistently achieved top ten world rankings in several strokes and distances over several years.

Nowadays Chris prefers open water swimming and holds several records and titles within the UK, including the arduous Champion of Champions race held in Dover, which he has won on two occasions. He currently has his sights set on an individual channel crossing having achieved the qualifying swim in Malta in 2011.

An impressive background in coaching (which includes designing and implementing swim fitness programmes for Tri clubs, sports clubs and for individual athletes, as well as occupying various Head Swimming Coach posts) combined with a BSc in Sports Science means that Chris is superbly placed to advise on stroke analysis and correction for all levels of swimmer with the emphasis on enjoyment and remaining injury-free.

I've gained a lot of experience in open-water over the past 10 years - in lakes, in rivers and in tidal and non-tidal waters. I've also taken a lot of quite nervous triathletes on training weekends and helped them to conquer their doubts and fears so that they can enjoy all that swimming outdoors means to me. That's what I hope to bring to Big Blue.

Chris' Ethos

"When I swim I think about my stroke all of the time - there's always something to improve on and I know that there is no single technique to fit all sizes or all conditions".

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