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Helen Wrenn

Helen's background is as a club swimmer competing at county and national levels between the ages of 6 and 26, only later returning to swim as a triathlete and open water competitor. Whilst a student Helen's holidays were spent working as a Lifeguard and she was involved in coaching at club level from the age of 14.

She has worked as a volunteer with disabled swimmers and is committed to the belief that swimming can be enjoyed by all people of all ages and abilities bringing physical and psychological benefits to every stage of life. She has extensive experience of sea swimming and has a particular love of the Greek Islands where she has spent many months of her life, usually immersed in the blue stuff. A fluent Greek speaker and genuine lover of Greek culture, food and music Helen has studied and taught at a post-graduate level at the prestigious Aristotle University in Thessaloniki, and is an enthusiastic addition to the Big Blue Team.

I learned to swim at the age of three in our local salt-water Lido and in the sea off the beautiful Atlantic beaches of Tenby, South Wales. My first swimming club only operated between May and October and I think that my love of swimming in open water, rivers and lakes has its origin in those early experiences. For me, swimming was linked with the sky, racing clouds overhead and the sun or the rain on my face. I have always been at my happiest and most relaxed in the water and it has been a great source of joy to me throughout my life.

As a genuine Greek-specialist venture Big Blue represents to me the opportunity to transmit to our guests the pleasures of sea swimming in the unparalleled beauty of the Ionian.

Helen's Ethos

I believe in combining the physical challenge of swimming long distances with a real appreciation of the surroundings in which we move. The protected crystalline waters of the Ionian really won me over when we trialled the routes last summer - the waters offer multiple opportunities depending on the weather conditions and the many islands visited each have their own particular history and charm.

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