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Lisa Stansbie - Founder

Lisa came to swimming from an unconventional background, namely dancing and long distance running! For the past ten years Lisa and Michael have travelled all over Greece including many of the Greek islands. While on these trips Lisa decided that swimming in the beautiful Greek seas was an essential part of the Greek experience and set about learning to improve her stroke. As an (over) enthusiastic adult swimmer Lisa quickly developed her technique and joined the Leeds Masters Swimming Club. After a year of training with Leeds and falling in love with the sport (and the team atmosphere and banter generated by her fellow swimmers) Lisa started swimming competitively with both Leeds Masters and the Derby based Etwall Eagles Masters team. She holds national medals in breaststroke and regularly competes all over the U.K

Her other love is art. Obtaining a PhD in 2010 in the Philosophy of Art she has a passion for both the ancient and the contemporary. She has exhibited at numerous galleries internationally and her recent work is inspired by open water and channel swimming. She spoke about Art and Swimming at the 2012 Global Open Water Swimming Conference in Long Beach, California.

A convert to open water swimming in 2009 Lisa started swimming 3.8k races all around the U.K and hasn’t looked back. As a member of the British Long Distance Swimming Association Lisa swam the length of Derwentwater in 2011 to win the BLDSA 2 mile event, she was also a bronze medal winner in the ASA Midland Open Water Championships, swam in the ASA National Open Water Championships in 2012 and has taken part in a numerous open water races in the last three years. In 2011 she took part in the 2swim4life national event held at Guildford Lido, swimming 17 miles of the total 24.

Lisa has swam The Big Blue swim routes on numerous occasions and in different weather conditions and seasons, as well as swimming other sea routes in Greece including The Bay of Marathon, Porto Rafti, Vouliagmeni, The Cyclades Islands, Peloponese, Monemvasia, Crete, Kefallonia and Zakynthos.

She was also organiser and team member of the 2012 Etwall Eagles English Channel Relay Team, swimming the channel in 11 hours and 45 minutes. She trains in lakes, rivers, lidos and in the North sea at Scarborough.

Lisa's Ethos

"I love the challenge of swimming outdoors, of being close to nature and the swims I have undertaken in Greece have such water clarity. You are also surrounded by amazing scenery that its impossible not to stop and look at as you swim. I also love the crossings…Its a great feeling swimming from one island to another, a real sense of achievement when you finally arrive at your destination and look back thinking ‘I swam from over there!”"

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