30 December 2012

Ionian Dolphin Sightings

Ionian Dolphin Sightings

The Big Blue reported all their dolphin sightings to The Ionian Dolphin Project from summer 2012. The Ionian Dolphin Project aims to ensure the long-term viability of dolphins species living in coastal waters of the eastern Ionian Sea.

The Ionian Dolphin Project have an online facility whereby people can add a sighting of a dolphin in the Ionian and there are many species swimming around Lefkada including: striped, bottlenose, delphinus delphis (short beaked) and Risso dolphins. Since the website was launched in April 2012 there have been 50+ dolphin sightings reported around Lefkada and some truly amazing photographs here:


There is also a lovely video of the bottlenose dolphins bow-riding a boat in the Ionian.


Big Blue are looking forward to seeing many more dolphins on our 2013 trips!


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