27 April 2014

A Modern-Day Greek Swimming Hero

A Modern-Day Greek Swimming Hero

A Modern-Day Greek Hero: Spiros Yianniotis


The Big Blue’s Michael and Lisa were fortunate to undertake an interview with the giant of Open Water Swimming Spiros Yianniotis. Read about his unusual start to open water swimming and his passion for the sport (as well as a love of Liverpool Football Club!) here at “The Daily News of Open Water Swimming”:http://dailynews.openwaterswimming.com/2014/03/a-modern-day-greek-hero-spiros.html.

Photos courtesy of “Polychronis Vasileiou”:http://thebigblueswim.com/team/polychronis_vasileiou.php (One of this summers Big Blue Swim guides) taken of Spyros Gianniotis at The Hellenic Marathon Swimming Association Winter race in February in Katerini near Thessoloniki, Northern Greece, the oldest winter swimming race in Greece. The first event took place in 2004. Over the last 2 years it has been organised by The Hellenic Marathon Swimming Association with 2 races: 300m and 1000m. The sea temperature for the 2014 event was 12.6ºC where Yianniotis took part non-competitively in the 1000m event.



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