13 November 2020



Lefkada is perfect for open water swimming as it is surrounded by the beautiful Ionian Sea. The waters here are rich in colour as well as clear, calm and safe. You will not be disappointed swimming here, as every back drop is a breathtaking one of grand hills and cliffs. Where ever you swim, you will be surrounded by beauty and serenity. For the times you want to relax and take in the natural wonders of the island, there are many beaches to choose from. Here are three of the top beaches in Lefkada, that will be sure not to disappoint!


One of the most famous beaches in Lefkada is Egremni beach, attracting thousands of visitors each summer. This long, white sandy beach is located 38km southwest of Lefkada Town and is one of the most beautiful on the island. This is thanks to its crystal clear waters and stunning cliffs that surround it. These magnificent waters are a rich blue colour, making a perfect swimming experience. For some time, the beach has only been accessible by boat as the 325 steps to the location were damaged due to an earthquake. However, restoration to the steps has begun, meaning they will once again be in action from summer 2021.


Situated 14.5km southwest of Lefkada Town, lies Mylos beach, a spectacular beach that is perfect for relaxing. As there are not any tourist facilities here, this beach is a more peaceful choice and one of the few remaining untouched beaches on the island. Similar to the other beaches in Lefkada, the beach is surrounded by beautiful green cliffs. Close to Agios Nikitas, Mylos features waters with turquoise colours and soft luxurious sand.


Located in the southwest ‘corner’ of Lefkada, Porto Katsiki is one of the most popular beaches of the island and was until recently a Big Blue swim destination. This west-facing beach, surrounded by the Ionian Sea is described as one of the best beaches in the Mediterranean, Europe and the world. This is due to its breathtaking landscapes, scenery and sunsets something Lefkada is famous for. The white, tall, chalk cliffs make the perfect backdrop for lounging on the soft, sandy beach or swimming in the clear, deep blue waters. Being one of the most popular beaches in Lefkada means there are tourist facilities, such as sun beds and umbrellas to rent. Porto Katsiki is popular with boats and yachts also, as a result of the luxury it offers.

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