13 December 2021

Big Blue’s 10 Best Gift Ideas For Swimmers This Christmas

Big Blue’s 10 Best Gift Ideas For Swimmers This Christmas

Can you believe we are already in December? We certainly can’t! This year has sped by and now we are officially in the festive season. Now, we know many of you may well be super organised and finished your Christmas shopping back in August… but we know some of you may not have even started, or still have a few bits and pieces to get.

That’s where we come in, especially if you have friends, family, partners or colleagues who are avid swimmers.

We have compiled a list of our top ten best gift ideas for the swimmers in your life, which includes you! Take a look at our list below and treat yourself this Christmas!

1. Changing Poncho / Dryrobe This is the perfect gift for swimmers who tend to be surrounded by larger crowds, or who have limited privacy. A good example of this would be those swimmers who spend a lot of time at the beach! The robe acts as your own personal changing room - it’s flexible, absorbs water and drys quickly, meaning you can use it as a towel as well.

You can take it to any swim location with you as it’s lightweight and easy to pack. One size tends to fit all and they come in a variety of colours and prices, so depending on your budget you can opt for as high a quality as you would like. We’ve added a couple of links below for you to check out.

Changing Robe Towel Poncho

Dryrobe Towelling Robe

2. A Personalised Wall Print This is an excellent gift for those swimmers who love to add their hobbies/competitive sports into their decor! It’s great for any age and is customizable so you can choose a variety of colour options and designs that would suit the individual.

Check out a couple of options we have picked out below:

Personalised Swimming Wall Print

Personalised Swimming Wall Decor

3. A Safety Swim Buoy / Tow float This ultralight piece of equipment provides swimmers with a safe way to float and rest when needed. It is perfect for swimmers and triathletes who are often in the open water and might need a break when they’re swimming long distances. Most floats come in bright colours so they are easy to identify in the water. It provides a great reassurance that if you suffer from a cramp or are in real need of rest, you are able to simply grab the float.

Due to their easy visibility, it is great for those swimmers who venture out with buddies or larger groups, as you can identify each other’s floats.

Again, depending on budget there are a multitude of options, including one that enables you to keep your keys dry too!:

New Wave Swim Bubble

Tow Donut from Swim Seccure

4. Waterproof Headphones Waterproof headphones do exactly what they say on the tin! They are completely waterproof and have a short cord making it easy to tuck them into a goggle strap. These headphones are designed specifically for swimming and offer a good fit, great comfort and a nice design.

The headphones we have posted below offer a full one year warranty, which is handy if you, unfortunately, run into any issues with them.

Swimbuds Sport Waterproof Headphones

5. A Medal Holder For those swimmers who compete, a medal holder is a fun and organised way of displaying all those medals! Holders are often easy to hang, not overtly expensive and doubles as a nice decoration for the home.

You can also get personalised holders to display the swimmer’s name, which is always a nice touch!

Check out these options below:

3D Printed Swimming Medal Holder

QThrone Swimming Medal Holder Rack

6. Waterproof Smartwatch Now, this is a gift that is on the more luxurious side of things, so has a higher price tag than the previous gifts listed. The smartwatch is made for long-distance swimmers who need to accurately track their stats throughout their swim. The watch we have posted below also has a pool mode that tracks distance, pace and stroke etc., as well as open water mode which has a built-in GPS so you can upload and log routes. The rechargeable battery life lasts up to 7 days, 13 hours in GPS and heart rate mode and 72 hours in the pool.

Garmin Swim 2 GPS Swimming Smartwatch

7. A Drybag A dry bag is a must-have for swimmers, especially if they need to leave their clothes on the side of a riverbank, lakeside or beach etc. (which is nine times out of ten what usually needs to happen).

Dry bags are tough, reliable bags that are made from durable waterproof materials, and even if for some reason the bag gets soaked, your phone, clothes and all of your other bits and pieces will remain completely dry. They also come in a multitude of sizes!

Here are some dry bag options below:

Waterproof Dry Bag Set

Premium Waterproof Bag

8. A Fast-drying, Super-soft Microfiber Towel Fast-drying towels are a great gift for every type of swimmer. It can be used repeatedly across short periods when needed, which means unlike a regular towel, you don’t have to let it dry on the side for a long time before you can use it again.

Microfiber towels are often lightweight and can easily fit in a backpack or crossover bag and you can buy them in their own reusable packaging for easy use.

Here are some options:

Rainleaf Microfiber Towel

Fit-Flip Microfiber Towel

9. A Voucher for a 1-1 Stoke Analysis Session Winter is the time where a swimmer can focus on technique in preparation for the next swim season or swimming holiday. With that in mind, we would highly recommend gifting a voucher for a one-to-one stroke analysis session with Jack Maitland of The Sports Ashram

There is also the same option from coach Chris Malpass of ucanswim.

Get ahead of the game!

10. A Trip with The Big Blue Swim Last and by certainly no means least, why not buy the perfect gift and book a swimming holiday for your nearest and dearest? And, whilst you’re at it, book on yourself! That way, not only are you providing a great gift for your friend/family member/partner, you’re also getting yourself a present - it’s a win/win! You can also get Big Blue swim vouchers of any amount, as these will be printed out individually.

We provide our guests with a wonderful 7-day journey of swimming, laughter, relaxation and great food. You can choose from one of four wonderful islands - Crete, Santorini, Ithaca or Lefkada and we have our excellent guides on hand at all times to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable trip with us.

You can find out all the information you need on our website - the big blue swim

So there we have it, 10 gift ideas that should help you pick out the perfect present this year. If we had to choose a favourite… it would be number 10.

We hope to see you soon - have a wonderful Christmas.

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