Updated: November 2020

Dear Swimmer,

We hope you are well and fit, in good spirits and that life has resumed its normal pace as much as possible wherever you are.

We have now stopped monitoring the coronavirus situation in Greece daily, like we had been doing up to the end of October, as our season has finished and swimming around those tranquil Greek islands will resume again during May/June 2021. It has certainly been a memorable summer (for the wrong reasons!) and we tried to salvage as much as possible regarding running safe swimming in some of our locations. We managed to run a number of weeks out of the several on offer at the beginning of the summer and to this affect we would like to express our sincere gratitude to all those participated as well as to those of you who could not make it due to restrictions in place.

All being well we will see most of you during summer 2021 when we hope life will have resumed back to normal and we will therefore be welcoming you once more to any of our four Greek island destinations. Please book via our website as usual for swimming with us during summer 2021 and please bear in mind that, if for whatever reason there are governmental restrictions in place regarding travel and you are not able to join us, deposits will be refunded fully. We do hope that this offers some peace of mind for you and that you can start planning summer 2021 with confidence.

All the best and looking forward to some swimming and fun times with all of you!

Thank you, Michael, Lisa & The Big Blue team

Proud partners of the big blue swim

Big Blue Swim