16 February 2020

Everything You Need to Know Before Booking Your First Swimming Holiday

Everything You Need to Know Before Booking Your First Swimming Holiday

There are so many good reasons to book a swimming holiday. Whether you’re keen to try something new, are looking to make friends, or want to experience Greece in a way you’ve never experienced it before; a holiday with The Big Blue Swim offers fantastic memories that will last a lifetime. If you’re used to beach holidays or city breaks you may be wondering what to expect but don’t worry, we’re here to run you through everything you need to know before booking your first swimming holiday.

Do I Have to Be a Strong Swimmer to Go on a Swimming Holiday?

You don’t have to be an Olympic level swimmer to join us swimming in Greece, in fact, we cater for a variety of swimmers of most capabilities and speeds. Open water swimming is much different and much more rewarding compared to swimming in your local pool but everybody has to start somewhere so don’t worry if you’ve never swam in the ocean before. All we ask is that our guests be somewhat confident in their ability to swim for at least a mile, even at a relaxed pace.

Our group swimming holidays are non-competitive and, at the start of every swim, our qualified guides will split swimmers into groups based on their speed and ability level. This gives guests the option to swim at a more leisurely tempo and enjoy the scenery as they go.

How Long Are the Swims?

Swimming distance and locations vary day to day but we offer an average of around two and a half hours worth of swimming a day. This should roughly equate to a distance of five kilometres each day. Our Greek swimming holidays offer a longer swim in the morning and a slightly shorter swim in the afternoon and you are free to opt out of any swim you do not wish to take part in. Chilling out on our main boat can be as much fun as the swimming and is very relaxing.

Will I Be Able to Rest?

Yes, we here at The Big Blue Swim escort swimmers by boat during every swim and you are free to come aboard at any time for a rest.

How Can I Stay Safe on a Swimming Holiday?

We ensure the utmost safety on all of our swims by providing boat escorts and specialist swimming guides who are trained to offer first aid in the open water.

The Greek seas are some of the warmest, safest seas worldwide, rarely experiencing tides or strong currents. It is highly unlikely that you’ll encounter any unpleasant ocean wildlife though you may see pods of playful dolphins in some of our locations!

Does a Swimming Holiday Include Anything Other Than Swimming?

We’re glad you asked! Whilst swimming is obviously the main attraction we understand our guests want to experience Greece in all of its glory. That’s why we offer extras such as the chance to try authentic Greek food when we disembark into a different traditional Greek taverna in a harbour, village, or beach after the morning swim every day. Some of our destinations include unmissable landmarks which we will visit such as Santorini Volcano and we even offer our guests the chance to visit local wineries when we have the time. Each of our destinations offers something a little different so why not get in touch to find out more?

We hope that this guide has been helpful in answering some of your swimming holiday questions and we certainly hope to see you in sunny Greece as soon as possible. If you’re longing for the Greek ocean, want to see some of the country’s most beautiful scenery, and have a hankering for local cuisine then what are you waiting for? Book now!

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