19 March 2020

5 Health Benefits of Open Water Swimming

5 Health Benefits of Open Water Swimming

There are numerous open water swimming health benefits that we think swimmers should take advantage of whenever possible. Swimming in the ocean is vastly different to swimming in a pool and the mental health benefits of open water swimming alone are enough to convince anybody to give it a try. We here at The Big Blue Swim combine the experience of open water swimming with all the fun of an adventure holiday. Find out exactly why open water swimming is so good for you below.

It Helps You Sleep

Open water swimming is known for stimulating something called your “parasympathetic nervous system”. Your parasympathetic nervous system’s job is to stop the body from overworking itself and to restore the body to a calm and composed state. Being in the open ocean triggers this automatic response as the body prepares for more physical exertion than normal. This results in feelings of deep relaxation that last long after you get out of the water, helping you get a better night’s sleep.

It’s a Natural Mood Booster

Swimming is one of the world’s most natural mood boosters. Being immersed in water has been proven to have a positive impact on your mental health by helping you feel relaxed and enabling you to concentrate on rhythmic breathing, something that has a strong medatitive effect. Active swimmers will also feel a massive rush of endorphins associated with the physical activity and a many frequent swimmers report feeling a sense of self worth. In fact, a study surveying 4,000 swimmers across the world indicated that 3/4s of people agree that water based activities helped release tension, and 68% of people feel that being in the water has improved their overall happiness.

Sea Water Contains Skin Friendly Minerals

Sea water contains a whole host of healthy minerals including sodium, magnesium, calcium and sulphate, all of which can work as part of a natural skincare routine. You may have even noticed some of these minerals - such as magnesium which has a natural moisturising quality - in some of your own beauty products. Medical professionals often recommend that people with conditions such as eczema or dry skin take salt water baths or swim in the sea as this is proven to increase skin hydration and relieve the symptoms of these conditions.

It Improves Circulation

Swimming is naturally great at improving circulation and this helps your body deliver more oxygen to all its vital organs such as the brain and heart. Swimming counts as a form of aerobic exercise and regular swimming can help to guard against conditions such as heart disease, stroke and Type 2 Diabetes.

It’s Fun!

Most of all, open water swimming is fun and there are few things better for your overall well being than participating in an activity we find fun. The social aspect alone is what drives many people to participate in open water swimming and our open water swimming holidays have helped hundreds of people relax, unwind, make friends, and experience Greece in a way they never would have thought possible.

Experience all the health benefits of open water swimming first hand by booking your very own open water swimming holiday with The Big Blue Swim.

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