14 April 2021



Santorini, also known as ‘Thera’ in Greek is one of the most popular islands not only in Greece but in the whole Mediterranean. It is located in the southern Aegean Sea and after being devastated by a volcanic eruption in the 16th Century B.C., its landscape has been forever changed to the rugged scenery we know and love today.

Each year thousands of tourists from across the world flock to this beautiful Greek island due to its breathtaking views and stunning beaches. The island has often been linked to the myth of the ancient city of Atlantis!


  • It is regarded as the pinnacle of Cycladic architecture, minimal, simplistic, functional and beautiful.

  • Are you a fan of fruit and wine? Well, you’re in luck, there are over 100 varieties of grapes in Santorini producing rare varieties of wine exported all over the world.

  • Until relatively recently and before the new port was constructed, the only way to go onto the island from the ferry, was to climb the 600 plus steep steps, often in the blistering summer sun (as the author knows very well…)

  • Some people think the lost city of Atlantis is located somewhere around the island.

  • The entire island is a volcanic rock, which gives it its grey colouring.

  • Apart from the main volcano which shaped Santorini, there is also an underwater volcano north east of the island attracting interest from many scientists.

  • The volcanic eruption caused the middle of the island to sink resulting in a very deep crater now known as ‘The Caldera.’ This crater is 1,310 feet deep and is quite a sight to see and produces the stunning views that attracts visitors from all over the world.

  • The volcano which caused the crater mentioned above (around 3,500 years ago) is still very active. The last eruption occurred in the 1950s and caused a small village called Rocca to sink into the sea.

  • Santorini used to be called ‘Strogili’ which translates as ‘round’ as the series of smaller islands formed a circle before the various volcanic eruptions, shaped it the way it is nowadays.

  • An area called Akrotiri is a unique and wonderful place to visit as it is key to Santorini’s history. This small preserved ancient village with its famous frescoes (now on display in the Athens Archaeological Museum) is large enough to walk around, where you can see the well-preserved remains of a full Minoan town 3,500 years old!


So, now you know a little bit more about this wonderful and interesting island it’s time to give you an insight as to what you can expect from your trip with us!

The Big Blue team will take you on a 5-day volcanic swim programme on an estimated 5k swim each day. On arrival at the luxurious, 5-star hotel (El Greco) you will have the opportunity to relax and enjoy one of the 4 swimming pools or spa before meeting the rest of the group and the Big Blue team over complimentary drinks.

The next morning you will participate in a filmed swimming analysis and coaching from our qualified Big Blue guides before boarding our traditional, wooden sailing boat where we will head to different locations around the caldera for a coastal swim.

A buffet-style breakfast is offered every morning before we set off to our swimming locations and we ensure the safety of all of our guests by escorting each swimming group with motorised support boats manned by fully qualified first aid experienced guides.

Cold drinks are provided during each swim and a variety of snacks will await you once you’re out of the water accompanied by coffee, tea and hot chocolate. Whilst on this wonderful trip you will have the opportunity to visit Santorini’s active volcano and there’s also a potential trip to Santo Wines for a nice bit of wine tasting and stunning views of the caldera below.

And let’s not forget, one of the key aspects of this entire trip is the breathtaking views you will see from the water, sights that very few visitors have experienced before; it’s a truly unforgettable experience.

So, why not book a trip to Santorini with us? We are ready when you are! Let’s make this summer amazing!

We still have spaces left for summer, and you can find out more information and book your place here.

We can’t wait to see you there!

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