06 May 2022

Swimrun 2022

Swimrun 2022


The Big Blue Swim has collaborated with Jack Maitland and The Sports Ashram to offer a bespoke Swimrun training camp. The event will begin on Sunday 5th June on the Greek islands of Lefkada and Meganisi, running for a total of 7 days (Sunday to Sunday).


Over the last few years a new multi-sport combination has become increasingly popular, and that is - Swimrun. The purpose of the event is to complete multiple repetitions of swim and run sections, typically as a two-person team (however individuals do compete on their own as well.)

The event began in 2003 in Sweden when a group of friends placed bets to see who could be the fastest over a route that went the length of an archipelago. They would run across the islands and swim between them, naming the event ÖtilÖ which means ‘island to island.’ The event became an organised race in 2012 and since this point has been known as “Swimrun.”

You do not need to worry about being a ‘first-timer’ to participate, as it is the perfect opportunity to learn what it’s all about and build up your technique. Even if you’re not planning on competing in Swimrun races, it’s still a wonderful opportunity for those who love an active holiday full of swimming and running! You’ll also be provided with expert advice from our coaches throughout the entire trip!


If you’re thinking about giving Swimrun a go, here are some tips to take into account:

Find a partner to join you if you can. Both you and your partner can be at different ‘levels’ you don’t have to be perfectly matched in your swim and run speeds. You can also take turns to set the pace at what you are stronger at.

You don’t need any elaborate equipment to take part. There are, of course, specific kits out there that can make life a little easier, as well as faster, but they are not a necessity.

Familiarise yourself with the course before you head out there. It’s always good to ‘plan your route’ so to speak so you’re not adding any unnecessary metres.


Your trip will last for 7 days and will involve a sprint distance Swimrun race and a comprehensive programme of yoga sessions, which are specifically designed to assist both swimming and running.

You will also have our coaching experts on hand to offer assistance where needed. They will be heading up coaching advice seminars and the yoga sessions mentioned above.

For the best experience, we would recommend bringing a racing/training partner with you! However, you’re more than welcome to join us by yourself!

For a full itinerary and information on what is included in the holiday here.


Right now! - You can book your Swimrun experience here. The trip runs from Sunday 5th June 2022 to Sunday 12th June 2022 and has an introductory price of £750 per participant.

So, what are you waiting for? Book with us for an incredible adventure!

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