23 December 2020



This year has certainly been challenging, and with most leisure activities closed throughout 2020, it has proven difficult for many people to keep up with their fitness hobbies. However, it certainly hasn’t deterred swimmers who have taken the dive from leisure centres to the open water. The National Open Water Coaching Association (NOWCA), which operates 30 open-water venues across the UK, has stated the number of swimmers in October was up fourfold after a 60% rise in swimmers over the summer. Certain local councils are also keeping their open water swimming venues accessible into the winter for the first time this year due to the increasingly high demand.

These figures are incredible and as a family company who embraces all aspects of open water swimming, we are elated that more and more people are taking to the rivers and oceans rather than sticking to their local pools. We outlined in a recent blog post some of the incredible health benefits of open water swimming, including; aiding sleep, being a natural mood booster and improving circulation, all of which are paramount in these unprecedented times.

Suit up!
The surge in open water swimming has also had an incredible impact on kit suppliers. An online sports retailer has stated demands for wetsuits are up by 80% and sales of accessories including socks, caps and gloves are up by more than 150%. Due to the outdoor temperatures, particularly in the UK during the autumn and winter months, swimmers need these vital accessories to keep themselves warm.

A warm future We love the open waters, wherever we may be, but if we had to choose, beautiful crystal clear, warm waters with outstanding views would be our preference, and we know a lot of outdoor swimmers feel the same.

Here at The Big Blue Swim, we don’t require you to be an Olympic swimmer, we just want to ensure you are happy in the open water. When you book with us you will be fully briefed on the week’s itinerary and safety issues, and on your first day with us, our guides/coaches will video your swimming technique to analyse your performance and offer advice on how to achieve a more efficient and injury-free stroke. We have four incredible locations for you to choose from when booking with us; Lefkada, Crete, Santorini and Ithaca, all of which will give you a fantastic, unique swimming experience.

After the year we’ve all faced, now is the time to book an adventure that will be completely unforgettable, so why not enjoy the warm, clear waters of Greece with us? Find out more about booking your next holiday with us here

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